Worship Services
Tuesday - 7pm
Sunday - 9am

4530 Nelson Park Rd Sophia NC

     Pastor Doug grew up in rural South Carolina. He was a middle child having an older sister and a younger brother.  Life was difficult for the Davis family living in tenant farm houses but his parents instilled in their children a love for family, the value of hard work, friendship and honesty. When he was twenty years old he met Christ and his life was forever changed.  In 1973 God called him to the ministry. Following his call he furthered his education at Fruitland Baptist Bible College, Gardner Webb College, and The Seminary Extension of the Southern Baptist Convention. God led him to pastor churches that ranged from the mountains of North Carolina to the coastal islands of South Carolina. Pastor Doug has been privileged to hold revivals in five Southern States and travel on mission trips to Haiti. In 2004 Pastor Doug was introduced to cowboy culture ministries. He became the first pastor of Triad Cowboy Church. He soon discovered that country folks, city folks and all kinds of folks were attracted to the laid back simple form of worship. The slogan of the church became, “not just for cowboys.” Since that date the church has become a mixture of folks bound together by a love for Jesus and each other. Pastor Doug’s interest include horseback riding, rodeos, hunting, fishing, camping, anything outdoors. He is married to his teenage sweetheart Susie who is a native of North Carolina. Susie enjoys walking, yard work and most of all the beach. God has blessed them with three sons, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. They find great joy while serving Jesus and The Triad Cowboy church.

     People often ask, “Who or what is Triad Cowboy Church?”  I am always eager to answer that question. Do you know the comfort of that old pair of jeans which feel so good you can’t bear to throw them away?  TCC is that comfortable.  Do you enjoy the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? TCC is just that enjoyable. Do you understand how refreshing a cool drink of water is after working in the hot sun all day?  TCC is just that refreshing.  Have you experienced the satisfaction of a good horse under you, a beautiful sunset, or the company of good friends? TCC is just that satisfying. Has someone ever asked you about your visit to the Grand Canyon or someplace similar only for you to say, “You will have to experience it for yourself?” TCC is just that unexplainable.

     When you walk into a worship service you will receive a warm welcome and instructions on where you can find a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. You will quickly note a warm down-home feeling where you can relax and be yourself. Milling about will be folks dressed casually in jeans, boots and tennis shoes. You will see some cowboy and ball hats.  Ladies dress in jeans and dresses.  Just wear what you are comfortable in and no one will cast a critical eye.

     The drone of conversation and laughter will give way to worship. A group of singers accompanied by electric piano and guitars will lead you in worshipful songs. In some ways traditional and some ways not, worship will include spirited special music, prayer, giving opportunities and messages from God’s Word.

     Soon we will settle in on our property at the corner of Muddy Creek and Harlow Roads.  Roots are going down.  In the near future there will be a simple yet attractive building with a wraparound porch providing a place to sit or stand out of the sun. The property will be landscaped to make the most of a cowboy country flair. Picnic tables, walking and riding trails, and park benches will provide peaceful gathering places. Behind the building will be a full size roping arena. In this arena there will be organized rodeo events or folks just working their horses.  When you walk inside the building you will be greeted by a multipurpose area where the church will both worship and fellowship. Classrooms, bathrooms, offices and a kitchen will occupy the remainder of the building. A simple building where people can simply worship because in the end it is all about Jesus and people.